Cartografía de unas elecciones: Puerto Rico, 2016
This project uses Cartography as a tool for studying and displaying information about the elections of Puerto Rico in 2016. It includes a series of maps that show information on the number of votes and the ways of voting of the electorate, the governorate and the mayors. The maps are presented at the municipal level.

The publication can be downloaded here [in Spanish].

Dinámicas poblacionales de los municipios costeros de Puerto Rico: 1980 al 2015
This publication presents population various maps portraying data of the coastal municipalities of Puerto Rico from 1980 to 2015. The following topics are included: total population and population change, population density and population at one kilometer of the coast, distribution by sex and age. The publication also includes a profile with population data for each of the forty-four coastal municipalities of Puerto Rico.

The publication can be downloaded here [in Spanish].

Caribbean Cartograms: Re-mapping the Insular Caribbean
In this project we developed a series of cartograms for the Insular Caribbean. A cartogram is a type of map that allows to “redraw” conventional maps by varying the size and shape of the geographic units in relation to the quantity they represent. The maps display various topics regarding population and environment in the region. They were developed by Tania López-Marrero and undergraduate Rutgers student Kae Yamane. The maps form part of the Cartographic essay “The various shapes of the Insular Caribbean: Population and Environment”.

Atlas Ambiental de Puerto Rico
The Atlas Ambiental de Puerto Rico, co-authored with Nancy Villanueva Colón, was published in 2006 by the University of Puerto Rico Press. This atlas is the first of its kind in Puerto Rico, and incorporates various topics of population, society, and environmental issues in the island. The Altas is currently being used in many of Puerto Rico’s schools and universities to teach environmental studies as well as geography.

The Atlas Table of Content can be viewed here.

Caribbean Environmental Mapping Initiative (CEMI)
The objective of the CEMI project is to make available a variety of maps displaying human and environmental topics in the Insular Caribbean. The ultimate goal is to support teaching and research in and about the region. Also, CEMI aims to involve students in research projects on which maps are one of the final outputs. By doing this, students learn basic cartographic techniques and at the same time learn about environmental topics and human-environment relationships within the region. Currently, we have students from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez and Rutgers University as project collaborators.

The CEMI Project website is coming soon.