My research interests broadly lie on aspects of human-environment interactions, and include various topics such as vulnerability, adaptive capacity, and resilience to natural hazards, ecosystem services and drivers of ecosystem change, and landscape transformations. To conduct my research I use a variety of qualitative, quantitative, and participatory methods, along with the application of different geographic tools and techniques including spatial analysis, aerial photo interpretation, and GIS.

Vulresearch5nerability, adaptive capacity, and resilience to natural hazards: I focus on studying the factors that have permitted (or inhibited) adaptation to natural hazards, and how those processes can influence adaptive capacity to future events. I analyze adaptation and adaptive capacity taking into account both, access to resources and cognitive/perceptual factors with the aim of identifying practical applications towards increasing adaptive capacity and resilience to current and future hazards.


Ecosysteresearch6m services and drivers of ecosystem change: this research compares stakeholders’ knowledge and perceptions about forest ecosystems and the factors that influence the delivery of such services. The main objective of this research is to identify gaps and misunderstandings in information, but also shared themes and concerns among stakeholders that can be used as a starting point to initiate dialogue, promote collaboration and social learning.


Landscape transformation: I analyze landscape transformations with emphasis on land-cover changes. I use aerial photographs to describe and quantify changes over time, and relate those changes to issues such as exposure to natural hazards, land use planning and management, and the provision of forest ecosystem services.